Truck drivers test positive covi-d19 zambia

10 truck drivers tested positive for coronavirus in Zambia on Friday, Zambia Ministry of Health has reported.

Of the 10, 6 are Zimbabwean while 4 are Zambian truckers.

The 10 truckers entered Zambia through Chirundu border post. They are part of 14 cases recorded in Zambia on Friday.

Zimbabwe’s Environmental Health Services director, Victor Nyamande admitted that some cases might have been missed as the country has not been testing truckers for Covid-19 who pass through the country’s borders.

“We might have missed on a lot of cases hence the need to start testing” he said.

Nyamande added, “We are only checking temperature. If one has high temperature, that would be an indication that they may not be well”.

Zimbabwe has 38 confirmed cases of Covid-19 from almost 25 000 tests carried out so far.

At least 12 people have recovered from the virus, while the death toll remains at four.

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