During many years of testing and training truck drivers, I have seen many drivers who have a heavy-duty licence and a valid PrDP, but fail dismally in the theoretical and practical road test.

In the list below, Truck and Bus owners and/or operators look for these 22 important driving skills and documentation that they monitor and check during the theoretical and practical road test.

      1.  Driving licence and PrDP;
      2.  Pre-trip inspection method and documentation;
      3.  Date of last driver-training course attended;
      4.  Accident report procedure;
      5.  Control/understanding of excessive idling;
      6.  Searching for road hazards (every 12 seconds);
      7.  Identifying hazards and type of hazard;
      8.  Deciding what action to take;
      9.  Taking early action to avoid a road hazard;
      10.  Driving according to what the driver can see.
      11.  Correct gear selection when starting off (should always select first gear) and when on the road;
      12.  Avoiding engine over-revving on a cold-engine start;
      13.  Clutch control;
      14.  Use of mirrors, blind-spot check and signalling;
      15.  Torque management – sweet-spot driving (driving in the green band);
      16.  Avoidance of harsh braking;
      17.  Driver courtesy towards other drivers;
      18.  Keeping to a three-second following distance;
      19.  Reaction when the vehicle behind is too close;
      20.  Compensating for other drivers’ bad habits/mistakes;
      21.  Retardation management – use of exhaust brake and retarders;
      22.  Reversing proficiency – especially with a trailer;

By mastering all the above points you are guaranteed to pass any interview. Please use the comments section to tell me where you do not understand so that I can make another article to help you and others.

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