9 ways yoga can improve s_ex life

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Yoga is one of the ultimate mind-body experiences. The same can be said for great se_x! But the two are more interlinked than you may realise.

Not only is yoga an amazing stress reliever, but it improves flexibility, increases blood flow, and opens your heart all necessary for a healthy s_ex life.

Yoga is like a friend with benefits, guaranteed to enhance your love life.


Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Get flexible

Tight hamstrings and stiff hips can get in the way of deeper penetration and more exploratory positions. Yoga helps to increase flexibility of all major muscle groups, which means a greater range of movement between the sheets.

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Many postures also help lubricate the joints, so say goodbye to awkward cramps at inopportune moments!

2. Better backbone

Muscle tension and poor spinal health can seriously impede sexual performance. The good news is that yoga can help by releasing tension in the back muscles and restore the natural curvature of the spine, keeping you limber and ready for action.

3. Strength

Some extra muscle coupled with improved endurance goes a long way when it comes to stoking the fires of passion. There’s nothing like regular yoga practice to ready yourself for improved performance.

4. Clear the mind

Nothing is a greater passion killer than an over stressed mind. It can reduce your libido and stand in the way of a healthy s_ex life. Clearing the mind through yoga and meditation has a positive effect on both mind and body – a vital ingredient in the recipe for good loving.

5. Be present

Sometimes being present during se_x is harder than it seems. You might love everything your partner is doing, but you tend to get too caught up on how you sound or look – and end up missing the deeper stuff. A huge part of practicing yoga is being mindful of your body in each moment. When you’re in tune with yourself you can bring your entire presence into any se_xy situation.

6. Gain confidence

Yoga helps us achieve balance in our lives. This results in a toned, healthy body, which leads to an improved body image and increased self-confidence. Both are invaluable for increasing libido and confidence in the bedroom.

7. Process emotions

Yoga teaches us to let go of things like anger, frustration and jealousy, and invite in emotions that actually serve us in a positive way. This can be a huge help in our romantic lives. It allows us to resolve disagreements quicker, and release any anger we may be holding towards our partner.

8. Mula Bandha

Yoga incorporates strength-building poses that require you to work your mula bandha, or root lock. Standing poses, such as warrior poses, lunges and balancing poses, force you to support your own body weight while contorting this way and that. This results in contracting the muscle between your sphincter and the muscle that controls urination. Strengthening this muscle means greater control and stronger, more intense org_asms.

9. Feel the love

Regular yoga practice can open your heart and invoke deep feelings of love. While the purpose behind the practices is spiritual in nature, the energy and emotions that are generated can linger, helping you feel closer to your partner, igniting deeper passion in your relationship.

Source; news24

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