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A Sangoma, Recycled Rasta or A pile of trash?

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There is a surprise in the picture

Just that you got to look closely and very close enough

Don’t concentrate too much or you will lose it

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Or you think I am wasting your time and when it’s just a pile of trush

Yes, you never know hey, why should you trust me anyway


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Okaaay, enough of my trash

What is in the picture? Answers at the bottom




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[toggle title=”FULL DESCRIPTION” state=”close”]“Recycled Rasta-man”  3D sculpture made of recycled materials – The massive portrait of actor Sotigui Kouyaté. This portrait was made by French artist Bernard Pras, and was created entirely out of recycled materials such as clothes, rags, wood, glass lanterns, dishes, rubber and other trash Bernard would gather from the installation site. As it usually applies to anamorphic art, Bernard’s work can only be seen from a certain angle. When you look at the installation from any other point of view, a pile of trash is all you see.[/toggle]

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