Accident Hotspots

Accidents on our busy highways have taken so many precious lives and crippled breadwinners. In many cases because drivers did not know the danger in places they were travelling.

If a driver is educated on the high risk of accidents before he gets to an area he has a good chance to pass safely than one who doesn’t know. While there are warning signs in some high accidents zones, the same is not true in some places which cannot be easily identified as collision hotspots.

Information gathered from truckers’ previous experiences is crucial to help the next person to be safe. Everyday we witness crashes on the highways and it has become an obvious sight in some road stretches to see crashed vehicles on the road side.

Our aim is to gather as much information about accidents on a particurlar road and avail it to a driver as he prepares his route plan before every trip.

N3 from Durban to Johannesburg

This is a steep slope which comes from the the top of the Keyridge mountain. Many drivers who do not stop at the stop sign at the beginning of the slope will have problems to control the truck at the last curve. Many lives have been lost on this spot, please be cautious as you approach it.

N3 Ashburton, Pietermaritzburg

That is another slope where if you fail to engage the proper gear going down your truck will gather unstoppable momentum that will most likely cause you to loose control

N3 on Town hill, Pietermaritzburg

This is a very busy part of the freeway as it carries traffic from KwaZulu Natal’s capital city, Pietermaritzburg to neighbouring Hilton, Howick and Johannesburg. Stuck vehicles are the main cause of crashes in this area. The freeway is only three lanes hence if one lane is occupied by a stuck vehicle it becomes harder for the cars and trucks to fairly share the road. 

Lions River off ramp

The Lions River off ramp area on the N3 north bound is a slope coming from the peak of the Howick hill. There is a sharp bend in the slope where it usually all starts. When trucks are overtaking each other and something goes wrong one or both of them ends up in the bush. Side-swipe and head into tail collisions are very common. 

N3 N Van Reenen Pass

[vsgmap address=”-28.385519,29.391370″] Van Reenen pass is a 14km long steep hill. It has 2 lanes going north of which trucks are only allowed in the left lane for the greater part. It gets misty regurlarly on this mountain pass. Accidents on this part of N3 are caused by poor visibility, overtaking on prohibited places, vehicle breakdowns and brake failure. Please drive more carefully on this part of N3 and be more patient, remember the aim to arrive alive.

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