A truck driver from Transmac was hijacked and robbed of his belongings in Mpumalanga on Saturday night.

It’s alleged that a disgruntled former CPD employee was behind the attack as he allegedly kept on telling the victim that his company treated him unfairly and he would make them pay.

According to the victim, the suspects woke him up while he was sleeping at Mafube Colliery near Witbank and drove away with him to a secluded area where they tied him and ransacked the truck.

They stole his bank cards and asked for their pins and went on to steal 16 tyres from the trailer.

The driver spent the whole night in tied and unable to move outside his truck.

He was diacovered by another truck driver who saw the truck parked in the secluded area.

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An anonymous source told SA Trucker that after Transmac was contacted, the driver was told to wait for replacement wheels and continue with his journey.

This reporter contacted Transmac Divisional Manager Isak Lotter for comment his request went unanswered.

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