You are in the middle of nowhere and your truck develops a problem that requires it to be towed to the workshop.

Or, in a worst-case scenario, you have been involved in an accident and by grace, you make it out alive with just a few bruises.

The next thing is that you wait for the tow truck to rescue you. Depending on location, you may have to wait for hours before the tow truck gets to you.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you hear a Western Star roaring from afar, even before you can see that it’s a tow truck.

I have no doubt you know that the Western Star dominates the heavy tow truck sector. My good friend, Gibson, will be happy to hear this. He says he is busy writing about his love affair with American trucks. Don’t worry, you will be the first to know when he is done.

Coming to the rather unfortunate story of the day. The recovery truck was actually a Volvo, here I am sure the driver only noticed after it arrived, there isn’t much roaring with Volvo trucks.

Everything is hooked up and you are ready to move. As you relax on your seat, maybe busy on your smartphone – you are ‘kind of, off duty’ so no problem, then the tow truck driver loses control and leaves the road.

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Naturally, as a trucker, you will press the brakes only to wake up to the reality that you are not in control. The one who is supposed to be controlling has also lost control, it’s terrifying.

Luckily for you, the tow trucker and his assistant you live to tell the tale just sustaining minor injuries.

This should be what happened yesterday morning around 07H48 on the R59 in the Northern Free State.

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