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ZIMBABWE Harare- Thousands of people gathered at the Harare Show Grounds to show their support for President Robert Mugabe. More than 1000 buses were hired to transport people from around the country. The crowd was in a jovial mood and they could be seen dancing and singing while waiting for the president to address them. About 1,2million people are estimated to have attended the rally which was called by ZANU PF youth league.

Figures reported seem to be a bit inflated but the main story after the rally have been that it was actually a ‘Baby Welcome Party’ for the new 92year old grandfather’s grandson . This is hard to not believe considering the zeal that President Mugabe’s followers possess and disguising the baby welcoming with a march would have been an easy ambush.
There is more to the march than the perceived ‘baby welcome’ or million man march since the ruling party could also use it to gauge their support. People left their vending sites and businesses to attend the march and that tells you a lot about the support President Mugabe has but reports that some people were forced to join the march dampens the idea. This leaves the general public in a state of confusion but numbers do work wonders for our leaders hence either way ‘Baby Welcome’ or ‘One Million Man March’ the winner here is BOB.
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