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3 collisions, 5 trucks, 2 deaths on the N1 in 1 night

ER24 paramedics responded to three collisions last night on the N1 near Worcester in the Western Cape. The collisions occurred…

2 years ago

Truck Platooning, a success story

The European Truck Platooning Challenge held in Rotterdam on 6 April was judged a big success by truck manufacturers and…

2 years ago

Engine braking on the double

Truck technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, with engine downsizing, improved aerodynamics and reduced rolling resistance all helping to…

2 years ago

New volvo smart braking system

South African freeways has it all, good and bad drivers, learners or inexperienced and experienced drivers alike. That is a…

2 years ago

VOLVO VS 75O tonnes- believe it or not

You will be forgiven for not believing that it's doable, yes pulling 750 tonnes from standstill. click here

2 years ago
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