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CCTV captures a perfect how not to go from a stop sign

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The purpose of a Stop Sign at any intersection is to regulate traffic and avoid crashes caused by the confusion its absence may create.

The first thing is to stop and establish if traffic approaching from other directions are supposed to stop also. If so, you will only go after the vehicles that stopped before you have gone.

At other intersections, traffic approaching from other directions may yield or even proceed without stopping. This is usually at an intersection of a small road and a major highway.

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A perfect case is presented in the video below where a motorist stopped at a stop sign but was involved in a collision after he started moving.

In the 30-second video, an SUV can be seen approaching a stop sign, he slows down and tries to pass but stops upon seeing a car approaching from the right-hand side – where there is no stop sign.

Another car follows behind the one he yielded for, I am calling it yielding as he is already in the intersection past the stop line.

He is forced to let it pass.

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Missing a motorbike approaching from the left, the SUV proceeds to cross the intersection but the motorbike collides into it.

After watching the video, please share your observations.

I noted that:
1. The SUV did not stop at the stop sign but was forced to yield
2. The SUV driver did not check if there was any traffic approaching from his left side

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