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Clean up crew killed as truck ploughs into crash scene on N3 at Estcourt

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One person was killed when an abnormal load truck failed to stop in time and crashed through a crash scene killing one of the clean up crew on the N3 at Estcourt in the early hours of Wednesday morning, June 22.

According to a witness, the truck looked like it was out of control as it sped down the N3 north towards the Estcourt North offramp.

Another truck was involved in an accident last night on the same place and N3TC warned motorists to approach with caution.

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“Just after the Estcourt North offramp authorities were busy clearing up the scene of an earlier crash when the truck hurtled through the scene,” said the witness.

It’s alleged that the truck hit a flagman who was warning approaching traffic of the danger ahead.

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The man died on the scene.

Clean up crew  killed as truck plough into crash scene on N3 at Estcourt
The truck hit a clean up crew man and he died on the spot. Photo supplied

The truck crashed through the centre median and only managed to stop on the opposite side of the freeway.

N3TC reported that DurbanBound near Estcourt North was obstructed due to the truck and pedestrian crash.

SA Trucker urges truckers to check for traffic updates before hitting the road and note all possible dangers on their route.

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