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When I started driving trucks I was all innocent and respectful but blame the cross border trader I am now a pest to put it lightly. When you flagged me down to ask for a lift I could literally see my wallet open with a smile waiting to receive blessings from you but now depending on your looks its the wallet or my d_ick who raises his red head readying to strike even before you step onto my truck.

One Saturday afternoon at Beitbridge Border Post when cross border trading was still the thing, stood a woman on the roadside with her tightly packed over sized bags. I knew the hours my wallet was empty had just come to an end. It never crossed my mind that it could be the last day of being a trustworthy and respectful man I have always been. She flagged me down and without a doubt indicated left and lifted my foot off the pedal preparing to stop. “One, two, three..” I counted the bags in my mind and started scheming how I would charge for them.

“I am going to Harare, will you please lift me?” she asked, her smile shining into my face with her snow white teeth almost making me shield off my eyes. ” Yes my sister, if your pocket agrees that is” I replied making sure our deal solely depended on her opening her wallet to share contents with mine. Quickly before the police mounting a roadblock some few metres away could react I had helped her load her bags and off we went.

She opted to seat on the bed and soon found herself relaxed while she lay on the almost three quarter sized bed. “Sleeping here on your bed feels like sleeping in my own bed, I am sure you enjoy your work” she said.

“I surely do only that sometimes I am very tired after driving long distances so I sleep like I am dead.” I replied with my eyes focused on the road and hands firmly on the steer.

“But today I am sure you are not tired since you slept at the border” she carried on. In the flash of a second that I turned my eyes to look at the person I was talking to, I was greeted by ton coloured thighs and a smile wider than the first one.

I shook my head so discreet and blinked so quick so she wouldn’t notice. “I am fresh and strong but we will most likely reach Harare during the night since I rest now and then” I replied.

There was no reply and I turned my head, “what the f… am I seeing here” she had unzipped her top and a pink C something size bra struggled to hold the boobies, further down a matching pink G barely covered her punani. Her skirt had magically turned mini, too mini the ton thighs were all uncovered for my unbelieving eyes to feed on.

Coincidentally just as I managed to drag my eyes off her, there appeared a lay by in the middle of the forest just before Masvingo town and I quickly pulled off the road. How she knows where my truck handbrake is I don’t know but before I could halt the truck she had pulled it down and pulled me off my seat.

With a John Cena precision she threw me onto the bed and pinned me down.

“But…” swiftly she covered my mouth with the her bra which i did not see how it came off. “I don’t have condoms” I continued in my mind like it was going to stop anything. She kissed my six packed tummy, licking upwards towards my neck extracting a groaning sound that I for all the time was struggling to suppress.

“Ooh.. ough..



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