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French President Francois Hollande have confirmed that Egyptair Flight MS804 crashed.
The plane crashed in the Mediterranian Sea on it’s way to Cairo from Paris.

Here’s a translation from BBC of what President Hollande said:

It was feared that this plane had crashed. The information that we have managed to gather confirm alas that this plane has crashed, and it has disappeared. 66 passengers were on board, including the crew and security personnel. Among the passengers there were 15 French citizens. A crisis cell was actioned immediately.


Alongside the Egyptian authorities we are making sure that all the families should be informed during this test. Our thoughts and solidarity and compassion are with them.

We have a duty to know everything about the causes of what happened. No hypothesis should be ruled out. Everything should be put at the disposal of the Greek and Egyptian authorities so that we can liaise with them. We have to send them ships and planes to find where the plane crashed, and to do whatever we can to collect the debris. That will allow us to find the truth.

It could be a terrorist hypothesis but at this stage we should express our solidarity to the families and to find out the cause of the catastrophe.

We will find the truth.

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