Social media has been abuzz with suggestions on how to stop the spread of coronavirus ever since it broke out in Wuhan, China.

There has been 110,288 Coronavirus Cases reported, 3,831 deaths and 62,393 recoveries worldwide, alarming statistics which has unsettled the world.

This message doing rounds on social media would definitely give you a one-second smile;

Commissioner Traffic Police

Subject: Request for suspension of the Breath Alcohol Test.

In the light of ongoing Coronavirus infection to protect further spread of the disease, we request you to please suspend the Breath Alcohol Test ( Alcometer Test) for drunk drivers.

Breath is the main reason behind the spread of Coronavirus. Once the situation normalises you may resume the exercise again.

Yours faithfully,

Global Drunks Association.

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While the message sounds funny especially if you consider the signature, Global Drunks Association, it, however, carries sense in that it dwells on ways that may help reduce the spread of the covid-19 – that’s what the world is looking for isn’t it?

These are the important steps to follow when screening for coronavirus infection or when experiencing flu symptoms;

  • If flu-like symptoms occur, please follow normal practice: visit a health facility and report specific details (travel overseas or potential exposure). This applies to the public and private sectors.
  • The healthcare practitioner will determine whether tests are required and consult with provincial authorities and notify NICD
  • If the patient fits the case definition they will either be isolated or requested to self-isolate at home
  • Tests are confirmed within 24-48 hours and the patient will be notified
  • If positive, a patient will be monitored closely, isolated and treated supportively. This may also involve self-isolation at home (with no contact with outside people)
  • If negative, the patient needs to continue medical treatment as prescribed by a health practitioner
  • If positive, family, friends, colleagues and other contacts will be followed up for contact tracing (monitoring for symptoms)

What can I do to help fight the virus?

  • Please follow normal preventative health hygiene practice (handwashing, coughing etiquette) to keep healthy
  • Please seek medical help when experiencing flu symptoms
  • Disclose history and exposure
  • Please co-operate with isolation and quarantine advisories
  • Please co-operate with contact tracing instructions (temperature checks and follow up communication)
  • Please do not share fake news. Share information responsibly.
  • Check and share information from official Health channels or WHO
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