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Cross border drivers urged to be more cautious about COVID-19 after death of trucker IN DRC

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A truck driver has died in his truck in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in yet unclear circumstances on Tuesday afternoon.

While the death has not been confirmed as caused by COVID-19, health officials in DRC warned truckers to be more vigilant as the coronavirus pandemic grows.

An SA Trucker who was present when officials came to collect the body of the trucker said that the officials warned all the drivers present to be more careful as travelling made them prone to contracting the disease.

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In a video seen by SA Trucker, the officials dressed in COVID-19 proof PPE climbs into the truck and sprays disinfectants.

Moments later, they bring down the body in a sealed black plastic before placing it in a coffin.

They close and seal the coffin before taking it away.

“We are treating every death as caused by COVID-19 until proven otherwise,” the official told the truck drivers present.

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DRC has reported 471 cases of Coronavirus with 30 deaths and only 56 people have recovered from the illness.

Messages of the death of the trucker who comes from Tanzania were flooded on cross-border truckers communication groups on Tuesday.

The risk of contracting coronavirus for cross-border truckers is high since they interact on a daily basis when they meet in truck stops and border posts.

SA Trucker urges all truckers to maintain social distancing as has been encouraged by health authorities worldwide.

Just DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE, you are at work because you are providing an essential service hence it is of great importance that you STAY SAFE.

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We will provide an update once the cause of death is established.

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