Cape Town Port Terminals has implemented new stringent measures to curb container theft starting from 18 March 2021. This, according to the entity, has to be done urgently to stop attempts by criminals to fraudulently collect import containers from the terminals.

Transnet wrote to its customers, stakeholders and container operators as follows:


It is disheartening to advise that recently there have been attempts, through criminal methods, where cloned trucks have attempted to illegally collect/remove import containers from the Terminal. This has necessitated an urgent call for additional safety measures to counter these attempts and improve the safe custody of containers in the Terminal.

The review of the current terminal process has called for immediate additional measures to be implemented, to counter these attempts of container theft. The following measures are hereby considered essential:

  • Identify the truck driver who is assigned to collect a container on behalf of a specific transporter, and
  • Identify the authenticity of all driver licenses, whether South African or foreign of origin.

Independent of the TNPA permit process, this is an immediate interim requirement for TPT
until the 1st May 2021, when all truck drivers will need to be in possession a TNPA Access card.

Therefore, the following TPT requirements will become mandatory as from Thursday, 18th March 2021:

1. All trucking companies/ truck operators operating in the port environment, which includes the Cape Town Container terminal and MPT terminal are to furnish the below requirements on the template provided:

  • Full details of all their drivers authorised to conduct business in the port and representing such company.
  • The driver’s South African driver’s licence numbers (I/D number).
  • List and details of the truck fleet and their associated registration numbers.
  • List and details of the trailer fleet and their associated registration numbers.
  • This will allow TPT to reconcile driver details linked to a specific transporter and the truck and trailer used to lift a specific container. Details of drivers, mechanical horses and trailers on a company letterhead, may be emailed to:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Read also: TNPA Port Access Permit Full Terms And Conditions

2. With regards to the requirements, please take note of the following:

  • All lists submitted must be drafted, dated and signed by the owner of the business.
  • It remains the responsibility of the business submitting the list to timeously update any changes to the list as and when drivers are added or removed from their employment.
  • Transnet does not accept any responsibility for the correctness of the details on the lists provided.

Please be assured that these additional requirements are of utmost importance in securing the port environment, as best as possible and your support in this regard will be most appreciated.

Kind regards,
Acting Terminal Manager (Cape Town Container Terminal)

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