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Dashcam captures truck driver stealing from another truck

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There are thieves all around us that’s certain, but to know that some of the thieves are actually truck drivers is disheartening.

Not sure if at all they should be called truck drivers because that’s not what is expected of a professional trucker.

This one here took a chance and stole a dipstick and the oil and water caps from a Time Link Cargo truck at Bloemhof on Thursday morning.

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Unbeknown to him, the truck dashboard camera was capturing everything.

In the video, the thieving driver can be seen quickly jumping out of his truck and rushes to open the bonnet of the Time Link Cargo truck.

There he removes the oil dipstick, water cap and oil cap before dashing back into his getaway truck and flees the scene.

It happened around 09h55 on the N12 at Bloemhof.

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Time Link Cargo has confirmed the incident and has been in touch with the truck driving thief.

The video was shared by SA Long-distance truck drivers Facebook page.

Cases of tyre and diesel theft in some truck stops have been reported before.

Could it be thieving truck drivers or should I call them truck driving thieves, are responsible for the crimes, not outsiders as others would think?

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