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Dashcam captures trucker, busy on the phone, crash into back of another truck

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A truck driver is lucky to be alive after he got distracted using a cellphone while driving and crashed into the back of another truck.

In the 13-second video clip, the truck driver can be seen using his cellphone while driving. He looks up to check up ahead if the road is clear, there is a side tipper which is not far away.

He goes back to his phone, now with both hands on the device. In no time, the truck ahead of him stops abruptly while he is still looking on the phone.

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When he realises the danger, it is already late, he screams and presumably applies brakes but still ends up colliding into the back of the side tipper truck.

According to information reaching SA Trucker, the driver survived but he was seriously injured.

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This video provides yet another real reason why as truckers, we should never use cellphones while driving. Looking closely at the video, one can see that the crash happened in under two seconds the driver lost concentration.

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