South African motorists will be paying a jaw-dropping R18.20 cents a litre inland from 4 August 2021.

It’s the first time in history that motorists will be paying more than R18 for a litre of petrol.

Higher international oil prices and a significantly weaker rand/dollar exchange are the main drivers behind the hike.

But, the Mineral Resources Department has also introduced a slate levy of R6.58 cents.

Both grades of petrol will cost 91 cents more a litre.

Diesel goes up by 55 cents per litre and a litre of paraffin will cost 50 cents more.

The department noted the following price hikes, which will come into effect on Wednesday (4 August):

  • Petrol 95: increase of 91 cents per litre;
  • Petrol 93: increase of 91 cents per litre;
  • Diesel 0.05%: increase of 55.58 cents per litre;
  • Diesel 0.005%: increase of 54.58 cents per litre;
  • Illuminating Paraffin: increase of 50 cents per litre;
  • Single Maximum National Retail Price for LP Gas: increase of 67 cents per litre;
  • Maximum LPGas Retail Price: increase of 226 cents per kg.

August fuel price table

Fuel (Inland) July official August official
95 Petrol R17.29 R18.20
93 Petrol R17.20 R18.11
0.05% Diesel (wholesale) R15.08 R15.63
0.005% Diesel (wholesale) R15.12 R15.66
Illuminating Paraffin R9.13 R9.63
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