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Diraro Group responds to the R24 Olifantsnek pass reckless trucker video

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Diraro Group has responded to allegations of reckless driving by its driver on the R24 at Olifantsnek pass where their truck was filmed while overtaking on a barrier line recently.

In their response, Diraro Group, explained that,

The driver of Fleet 61 was passing a slow-moving truck in the Olifantsnek pass in a dual carriage way in the pass designed to allow passing of slow-moving traffic. Upon drawing next to the slow-moving truck, the truck in the slow-moving traffic(left) lane accelerated and did not allow the Diraro Group to pass safely.

The driver of the Third-Party vehicle then stopped in the left lane as soon as he had passed the Diraro Group vehicle at the point where the two lanes merged into one.

The trucking company said that the driver had to reduce speed drastically and move to the right to avoid a collision with the truck that had accelerated past him and then stopped and also had to avoid trucks approaching from the front.

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Diraro Group analysed the video which was captured on the vehicle’s onboard camera system and decided that the driver reports to the SHEQ office to fully review the incident and to take appropriate corrective steps where needed.

Video footage of the incident went viral on social media with many people condemning the driver’s actions given the rate of truck crashes on that stretch of highway.

It also came at a time another video of gross recklessness by a truck driver at Amajuba pass on the N11, where a NiDa side tipper truck was filmed recklessly overtaking on barrier lines on a bend, overtaking in front of oncoming traffic and sideswiping a bakkie and trailer.

The driver was eventually arrested and charged with negligent driving.

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The Diraro Group trucker’s actions are somewhat different as the driver may have been pushed into the position he ended up being filmed. However, as the company states, the trucker could learn how he could have done things differently to avoid the dangerous situation he put himself and others into.

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