Mariannhill fatal pile-up crash truck driver appears in court

Vuso Tega, the 42-year-old truck driver involved in the fatal N3 truck crash near Mariannhill toll plaza has been granted bail. Tega was behind the wheel of a Volvo articulated truck that ploughed into several vehicles on the N3 south just before the toll gate.

It was revealed during his bail hearing on Friday that Tega was a Zimbabwean national who is in the country legally and was lawfully employed.

He has been with the company since September 2022.

According to the KwaZulu-Natal police, two people died in the multiple-vehicle pile-up crash contrary to initial reports which stated that four people had died.

The deceased persons were identified as Pradhil Thakur Kooblall and his fiancée, Priyanka Nundkumar.

Watch: Dashcam of N3 crash near Mariannhill Toll Plaza emerges online

Thakur-Rajbansi is the son of Minority Front leader Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi.

Tega is facing two charges of culpable homicide with alternative charges being reckless driving.

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport (KZN DoT) also confirmed that the accident was caused by brake failure.

The court heard that Tega was the sole breadwinner in his family, taking care of his two children, his wife and his elderly mother living with him in Durban.

Meanwhile, the funeral for Pradhil Thakur Kooblall and Priyanka Nundkumar was also held in Pietermaritzburg on Friday at the same time Tega appeared in court.

Tega told the court that he earns a salary of R8000 per month and he would be able to pay bail of R3000.

Magistrate Wendolyn Robinson said when considering bail, the court took into account the interests of justice and that of society and the accused’s personal circumstances to determine eligibility for bail.

Tega was granted R10 000 bail and he has to report daily to Brighton Beach police station in the Bluff.

The case was adjourned to January 2023.

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