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Driver injured after truck overturns on Flower road, Durban

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A truck driver sustained moderate injuries after his truck overturned on Flower road on Monday afternoon.

The driver apparently failed to properly negotiate his turn from Edwin Swales drive leading the truck to fall onto its left hand side.

When our SATRUCKER Contributor passed the scene he found the truck laying on its side completely blocking the left filter lane onto Flower road from Edwin Swales side.

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Rescue Care paramedics attended to the injured driver and later conveyed him to hospital.

SATRUCKER ADVICE: While we don’t want to sound like we are judging, we however feel any event on our roads presents an opportunity for others to learn.

1. Reduce speed when turning.
2. Always make sure your load is secure and evenly balanced.
3. Please add more tips on safely executing a turn in the comments section below.

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