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Durban Metro cop accused of robbing his truck drivers

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There is a Durban Metro policeman who has the tendency of employing truck drivers for his transport business then he fires them soon before the payday comes.

I worked for his company which is contracted to Kodav in Durban and he did that to me. I have just realised that I am the fourth driver who has worked for him and faced the same scenario where he just accuses him of stealing his diesel and chases them away.

Satrucker, please help me find this man’s station or tell me how I can locate him so I can take him to court. If you can also help me find more people who have been victims to this thuggery.

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The man has one tipper truck working for Kodav Transport but efforts to help from them have been fruitless.

(Editor’s Note)
SA Trucker spoke to a source at Kodav Transport who concurred with the writer confirming that the man was indeed a Durban Metro cop but he was not sure where he was based.

About not paying his drivers, the source could not confirm it but said it was indeed true that he changed drivers nearly every month.

When contacted for comment the cop in question was not cooperative, he refused to comment.

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This is a user submitted article, views expressed therein does not reflect the views of SA Trucker but that of the writer.

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