Durban mob justice flies a suspected robber onto rooftop

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Durban – A suspected house robber – stripped naked and beaten – took refuge on a Berea rooftop while waiting for police to come and save him on Wednesday.

Home owner Wayne Grundy said he had been in Pinetown when he heard about the drama playing out at the property that lets to students.

“From what I know this chap was accused of robbing a property next to mine. Apparently he was trying to nick a laptop.”


Grundy said the man was spotted and tried to make an escape by scaling a wall topped with razor wire and leaping into his property.

“From there he ran into the house and was confronted by the students there. At some point he then jumped through a plate glass window but was then cornered in a gated veranda. He then ran back through the house,” he said.

At some point nearly 40 people got hold of the alleged thief.

“They beat him with sticks and golf clubs. It is a student community and they are tired of crime. So vicious was the beating that he was stripped naked. He then scaled a drain pipe and climbed onto the roof to escape the beating.”

“He won’t be coming back in a rush,” Grundy said.

source- news24

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