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There are automatic entries into every truck driver job description you may find, be it short-haul or long-distance truck driving. However, some duties and responsibilities will be strictly enforced only on long-distance truck driving while on short-haul they won’t matter, and vice versa.

The purpose of a proper job description is to outline what is expected of the trucker at any given time to avoid having to instruct him on each of their moves.

A truck driver’s primary responsibility is transporting goods meaning all duties and responsibilities which directly affects that cause should be carried out to ensure the core business is done effectively and efficiently.

Some trucking companies will employ a helper if your duties are too demanding. Truckers who transport breakbulk usually have to use tarpaulins to cover the load, that definitely requires a helper.

It still remains the driver’s responsibility to make sure the helper has done a perfect job otherwise anything goes wrong, it comes back to bite the driver.

Truck Driver Responsibilities:

  • Load and unload cargo.
  • Deliver goods to customers.
  • Record cargo deliveries.
  • Refuel and clean vehicle.
  • Report road incidents.
  • Follow traffic laws.
  • Inspect truck and record issues.
  • Follow accident procedures.
  • Keep an activities log and log hours.
  • Report mechanical problems to maintenance personnel.
  • Plan routes.
  • Get goods to the client on time.
  • Maintain a positive attitude with customers.
  • Keep driver licence up to date.

Long-distance truckers usually do not have much time to rest hence some of their duties, like cleaning the truck, their companies make a plan to help them out. This, however, causes problems in situations where no proper job description is outlined.

A recent video of a man screaming at a truck driver who refused to clean his truck was cause for a heated debate on social media.

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