EFF’s Mandisa Mashego arested in Pretoria

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The Economic Freedom Fighters’ deputy chairperson in Gauteng‚ Mandisa Mashego‚ has been arrested in Tshwane while she was addressing street traders‚ according to messages she is sending to friends.

Official confirmation has not yet been obtained.

“I am being processed right now to be locked away in a cell at this Pretoria Central Police Station – by Apartheid Police who believe they have a right to stop a member of the provincial legislature from speaking to poor‚ dispossessed informal street traders in the street‚” she said in a message seen by TMG Digital.


“We are trying to avoid unemployment‚ about them having their stock taken away from them by Apartheid Tshwane Metropolitan Police of the ANC government. They even accuse them of breaking into car windows even if they have no evidence to that effect‚” an angry sounding Mashego said.

Earlier in the afternoon‚ she said on her Twitter account: “I am under arrest at the Eufees Offramp for protecting … street traders”.

A supporter‚ #Vusimuzi_Ntombela ‏@CallMeVoto responded‚ “Why Mandisa Mashego is arrested in Tshwane? fighters who lives in Tshwane go and occopy the police station where Mandisa is arrested at” (sic).

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