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Watch: Final Day of the 2023 Toyota Desert Race ends in Distress as Fire Engulfs 49 Cars

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The final day of the exhilarating 2023 Toyota Desert Race, a prominent off-road motorsport event, was marred by a distressing turn of events as multiple vehicles fell victim to the flames.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of Jwaneng mining town in Botswana where the race was being held.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the fire was ignited by a glowing ember that fell onto the dry grass from a nearby vendor’s braai stand, swiftly engulfing the area in an inferno.

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Approximately 49 vehicles, including popular models such as Ford Ranger, Golfs, Altezza, Quantum, Combi, and GD6, were ravaged by the flames.

The intense fire consumed the vehicles, leaving behind a trail of destruction and a scene of utter devastation.

toyota desert race

Miraculously, no deaths or injuries have been reported so far, and authorities are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

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Amidst the chaos, two vehicles, a Toyota GD6 and a Wish, miraculously survived the destructive blaze.

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The swift response from the local fire department helped contain the fire and prevent it from spreading further. Firefighters battled the flames tirelessly, working diligently to protect nearby structures and ensure the safety of the spectators and other attendees.

In the aftermath of the incident, authorities immediately launched an investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire.

The police are examining eyewitness accounts and collecting evidence to shed light on the unfortunate incident.

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While initial reports point to an ember from a braai stand as the source of ignition, authorities are conducting a thorough inquiry to ascertain all contributing factors.

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