Five trucks and two cars have been burnt on Arnot/Hendrina road and also on Carolina road after violent protests erupted this morning.

The Carolina and Arnot Roads out of Hendrina has been blocked by burnt trucks and motorists are advised to

Both entrances on the Arnot Road to Kwazamokuhle in Hendrina has been blocked as well as the Carolina Road out of Hendrina.

An Eskom bakkie was burnt in front of Kwazamokuhle.

According to information from an eyewitness, five trucks, a sedan and one pickup truck belonging to Eskom have been torched, blocking the Arnot and Carolina Roads out of Hendrina.

The protest relates to mine workers at several Optimum owned mines who have not been paid a salary in months.

Coal was “delivered” in the road.
W.o. David Mbenekazi, Hendrina police spokesperson, advised motorists to avoid the area and use alternative routes. The N11 was safe to use at 08:00 but the situation can change at any stage.

Several trucks were set alight.
W.o. Mbenekazi said Optimum mine workers are demanding their money.

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