Cape Town – A combination of flooding due to heavy rain on Friday morning, leading to poor visibility, several vehicle accidents and traffic lights that are out of order worsened the peak-hour traffic.

Cape Town Traffic Service spokesperson Richard Coleman urged motorists to “take caution in this weather”.

Rainy conditions are expected from Friday until Tuesday – with a break from the rain from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning – due to a few cold fronts setting in over the Western Cape.

The most intense cold front made landfall early on Friday, with a short spell of intense rain expected.

A truck that jack-knifed on the N1 outbound before Sable Road obstructed three lanes.

There were two more accidents: on the N2 outbound before the R300, which obstructed the right lane and left shoulder, with motorists being advised to proceed with caution; and at the intersection of Mamre and Niel Hare roads in Atlantis, which obstructed the intersection.

In Wynberg, Rosmead Road is flooded, as are many of the roads leading off it, through to William Herbert.

The traffic lights on the corner of Rhodes Avenue and Main Road are out as well as those on the corner of Jan Smuts Drive and Turfhall Road in Lansdowne. The traffic department is attending to the problems.

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