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Government warns against inciting violence against foreigners

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Government notes the content of a poster circulating on social media which seeks to sow discord amongst South Africans and foreign nationals living together in communities.

Government strongly condemns the violence that is mooted and calls on all South Africans to desist from any actions that go against the laws of the country.

It is unfortunate that such message is intended to sow divisions amongst South Africans and foreign nationals. The intention goes against the spirit of social cohesion and attempts to regress the gains we have made as a country.

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All South Africans should champion a peaceful co-existence and good relations with all who live in South Africa.

Government calls on the law enforcement agencies to take the necessary action against those responsible.

Any attack on property and foreign-owned business are not reflective of who we are as a country and violates the values that we embody. South Africa is a constitutional democracy which is governed by the laws of the country.

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South Africa is an integral part of the African continent and it advocates for a peaceful, vibrant and sustainable Africa.

GCIS Director General, Phumla Williams, said: “In addition to our commitments on the continent, South Africa is also a signatory to the Geneva Protocol on Refugees and remains committed to protecting all foreign nationals in the country. Criminal activity will not be tolerated, as such acts impact negatively on the country’s economy and image.”

Government reiterates a call to all South Africans not to repost such messages, that serve to negatively fuel tensions and prey on the most vulnerable in society.

Issued by: Government Communications

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