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Graphic video of beheaded truck crash victim surfaces on social media

A graphic video of a truck accident scene has surfaced on social media.

In the video, seemingly filmed by the first people to get to the crash scene a few moments after the accident, shows a man helping a woman from the wreck of the truck.

The camera man focuses his lenses at a human head, severed from the body, lying next to the truck while the body cannot be seen.

The deceased man has not yet been identified.

The video was sent to SA Trucker with information that it happened on N12 near Christiana in Mpumalanga on Monday.

The driver lost control of the truck causing it to veer off the road and roll over by the side.

A man can be heard in the video asking the female passenger if the driver was dosing off to which she responds, “No,we were talking, I don’t know what happened.”

The truck driver and the female passenger survived the crash with serious injuries.

As SA Truckers we are encouraged to respect the dignity of deceased persons at crash scenes, by not taking photos or videos.

If there is need for the videos or photos, Truckers are encouraged to blurr off the faces before using them.

It is devastating to learn of your relative or friend’s death through a video of their dead body at a crash scene.

Even after mourning, it is still traumatizing to see the severed and lifeless body of a close friend or relative which another person distributed on social media.

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