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Hatred And Wickedness Consumes Black South Africans

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Truck drivers from other African countries have issued a stern warning to us black South Africans. Let’s talk on this comrades.

Hatred and wickedness has eaten deep into our hearts as black South Africans.

We can’t stay peacefully with the whites.

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We can’t stay peacefully with our African brothers and sisters.

We can’t even stay peacefully with ourselves.

We black South Africans are so used to killing and destruction.

When we protest for service delivery we burn down schools, hospitals, loot shops but we never burn down taverns.

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Sex and promiscuity is the order of the day in SA.

We are busy killing ourselves in cape town.

Our children are busy killing each other and their teachers at schools, crime is destroying our communities.

Our police are corrupt and are participating in crime and drugs.

Our top governmental officials are busy looting state fund.

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The ANC is at war with its self. There is no progress now in our country.

All we do is to blame whites and foreigners.

One day we black South Africans we realise that our problems is caused by us black South Africans.

Tourist can’t visit our country because they see South Africa as a crime and killing zone.

Investors are running away bcos of uncertainty in our government policy.

Educated South Africans who have critical skills are leaving the country.

Hundreds of South Africans are now seeking asylum in Ireland and other countries.

Karma is catching up on us.

President Ramaphosa is moving around Europe, America and Asia talking to investors to come and invest in our country but we are busy portraying hatred.

Soon South Africa will become Zimbabwe….It goes bad one step at a time.

By Sbu Khoza

This is a user submitted article, views expressed therein does not reflect the views of SA Trucker but that of the writer.

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