For hijackers, as in any ‘profession’, a lot of planning is done before the actual hijacking is done. Hijackers need to know your route, your usual stops, who you travel with and many other finer details for their mission to succeed. In short, they want to know your vulnerable spot to make their job easier.

The first thing on the hijacker’s mind is how to get you to stop. Only after you stop can they take charge. To achieve this, hijackers use many ways including this one that exploits on a truck driver’s weakness.

The female passenger

Female hikers are generally considered a safer option for passengers by those truckers who still carry passengers. It’s however, not entirely true because so many hijacking cases involving female passengers have been reported.

Considering the fact that the hijacking victim knows that his company does not allow passengers there is a big chance many truckers would cook up another modus operandi to cover up for their wrong doing. This means that statistics of cases where this modus operandi is used may not be representing the entire truth of the matter.

For the love of money, you can’t ignore a mother with a small baby in the middle of nowhere, for pleasure – all are no good reason why you should risk being a hijacking victim by picking up a passenger.

“Do I phone my company? but how do I explain the passengers my mind raced all over. Before I could decide, the half naked woman grabbed me by the neck and threatened to block my eyes if I did not stop.” 

Trucker who escaped two women hijackers. Read article below for full story.

Truck driver’s dramatic escape from daring female hijackers

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