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How to fake truck driving experience?

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I was just as surprised as you are that someone would search online for how to fake truck driving experience. Good thing is that when they landed on SA Trucker they were welcomed by a page about how to get a truck driving job without experience.

“Sorry, we can’t hire you. You need at least 2-3 years of verifiable truck driving experience to be considered.”

You may have received plenty of those messages in your inbox and thought maybe you should fake experience to get a truck driving job.

No, stop right there!

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You don’t need to fake experience because what that means is that you endanger yourself and other motorists if your sinister plan somehow succeeds.

Employers can employ you even when you don’t have experience but it is crucial that they know your experience status.

As long as you can pass the initial tests you stand a chance to get yourself a job.

I know of a company in Durban that uses the co-driver system, it hires inexperienced drivers and partners them with experienced ones. After a few months of trips across the country, the new driver is well experienced enough to go solo.

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On the following recruitment process, the graduate driver is ready to share his knowledge with the new arrival and it carries on.

It is also possible to get a truck driving job without experience as I have written before.

While proven experience is what many trucking companies require to give you a job, unproven experience is also quite helpful to land you a job.

Stay close to that uncle who is already in the industry he may take you on one trip and experience for yourself what life on the road is.

Getting a truck driving job requires that you be able to drive, where you learn to drive is not very important. This means that you should strive to get driving experience from anywhere possible.

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Many truck drivers you see today started from very different places. Rigid trucks are the best places to start as they give you the experience to handle a heavy goods vehicle on the public roads.

You don’t need to be picky when applying for a truck driving job when you don’t have experience. Apply to as many employers as possible and hope you get called up for an interview.

Refer to my previous article for more tips on getting a truck driving job without experience.

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