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Impatient Driver Overturns Truck While Passing Traffic at Bloemfontein Crash Scene on N1

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In the trucking world, impatience can lead to disaster. This was starkly highlighted this morning, 10 July, on the N1 southbound between the Kenneth Kaunda off-ramp and Nelson Mandela, where a sequence of accidents caused major traffic chaos.

According to mechanical crash scene investigator, Captain Gerhard Raath, speaking to the Bloemfontein Courant, the incident began when a stationary truck, which had broken down due to faulty mechanical issues, was being repaired on-site by mechanics.

A secondary truck collided into the back of the stationary vehicle and blocked the roadway.

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This initial crash created a ripple effect on the roadway, bringing traffic to a standstill.

However, the situation escalated when an impatient truck driver, carrying a heavy load, decided to drive on the centre median of the highway to bypass the blockage.

The reckless manoeuvre caused the truck to topple over, further compounding the traffic chaos.

“During the pile-up, an impatient truck driver, carrying a heavy load, drove on the center median of the highway causing the truck to topple,” said Raath.

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Despite the severity of the crashes, Captain Raath confirmed that only minor to moderate injuries were sustained, with no deaths reported.

“Traffic is being diverted from the N1 to Kenneth Kaunda and through town while recovery and clean-up operations are underway,” Raath stated, warning that delays are expected as authorities work to clear the wreckage and restore normal traffic flow.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible and exercise patience as they navigate the diversions.

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