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Listen: “I was fleeing from police after blocking the road” ATDF-ASA member in Pongola crash confesses

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The truck driver involved in the horrific crash with a bakkie transporting school kids in Pongola is an ATDF-ASA member who was running away from traffic cops chasing after him for blocking the N2 highway, reports say.

An audio clip of the truck driver, leaked to SA Trucker, reveals that he had blocked the road with fellow ATDF-ASA members when police arrived to disperse them.

The horrific crash happened as they fled from the scene.

Moments earlier, Road Angels Traffic Info had tweeted about the blockade in the same area on N2 between Itselijuba and Pongola on the N2.

A total 21 people died in the crash including 19 primary school children and 2 adults in the horrific crash.

In the audio clip, the truck driver can be heard explaining why he texted in their WhatsApp group – an ATDF-ASA group as per our source, when only audios are allowed.

He explains that he could not send an audio as he was at the police station.

“We blocked the road, me, Parsons, MTZ, Thekethwayo, we were about five companies,” he says.

“We blocked the road after planning it in Richards Bay. We arrived in Pongola and blocked the road.

“Bad luck followed me when the police started chasing us as I was leading the pack and I crashed into the children,”

“The reason why I ask you to remove the pics is because that’s my truck. It’s me involved in that accident”

“Where I am I cannot type but if you want you can send this audio to the group, it’s fine.

“I am sorry because I typed in the group because I know the rules including that you can’t type in the group.

“My comrades were supposed to ask why I typed but as I said, I didn’t have space to record a voice note.

“I am in a big sh** brother, I am in a big sh**, but it’s fine if my own comrades turn against me. I have led and learn something, it’s okay. I can’t go around fighting over rubbish,” the trucker says.

The truck driver was arrested on the scene and will be charged accordingly.

Listen to the leaked audio below:

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