Here is free advertising for Logistics and Allied Businesses in South Africa

Here is free advertising for Logistics and Allied Businesses in South Africa

If your business is not online you are definitely missing a precious chance to meet millions of potential clients. Here is a free, painless way to change that, you can do it in under three minutes.

SA Trucker’s Logistics Business Listing service gives you an opportunity to get your Logistics and Allied Business listed on their directory for FREE.

While you sit and ponder if you should grab this chance, someone is busy searching for a “transporter near me”.

Our service appears on the front page of the search results which gives you a better chance to be discovered than on other platforms.

Logistics Business Listing, as the name suggests, only lists private and corporate companies whose client base is the logistics industry.

Businesses in these categories qualify to list on our niche specific directory:

This makes Logistics Business Listing a vital tool for anyone in the Logistics sector in South Africa.

Why only Logistics related businesses?

We decided to bring together only logistics related businesses because they have the same aim – to keep the wheels of the South African economy turning.

These businesses speak the same language and depend on each other for their existence.

This also makes our service the most ideal for your business to be found as our audience arrive here only because they are looking specifically for a logistics related service.

Self-employed artisans and technicians or small to medium enterprises in the logistics sector also qualify for this opportunity.

These and other technicians may list their services on Logistics Business Listing site:

  • Heavy Truck Mechanics
  • Heavy Truck Auto-Electricians
  • Body repairers
  • Tyre technicians
  • Engineers

A combination of seasoned service providers and self-employed technicians gives clients a better chance to find the best service provider as per their needs.


Reviews work as a reference for potential clients. If your listing gets many positive reviews it means you are doing good, which is what clients want. Your business is posed to outshine competitors as positive reviews pile up.

Negative reviews bear positive outcomes if you learn from them. Logistics Business Listing and its users give fair reviews of your service in view of building a reliable, honesty and efficient pool of service providers.

Other advantages of listing on Logistics Business Listing

By using our service, you expose your contact details to the whole wide world. That means that be it your old client who just remembers your company name but doesn’t remember your contact, they will easily get your current contact details as listed our site.

You business profile is discovered by people who matter to you thereby increasing your chances of getting more business.

After signup, your just wait for phone calls and enquiries from potential clients that you may never have had a chance to meet in life.

There is no need for maintenance other than updating contact details as and when they change.


Given that it’s free and takes just a minute or two to list your business, you may just want to give it a try and see more business come your way.

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