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Man killed as truck hits cow and crashes into another truck in PMB

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One person was killed and six others injured when two trucks collided on Naval Dam Road in Pietermaritzburg on Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses reported that one truck hit a cow, lost control and crashed into pedestrians walking on the side of the road. It then veered onto the path of another truck and collided with it head-on.

Kwazulu Private Ambulance Service arrived at the accident scene and found several injured people scattered on the scene.

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Paramedics quickly assessed the scene and found that two occupants were entrapped in one of the trucks with critical injuries.

With the help of fire and rescue services, the patients were extricated and treated.

Unfortunately, one of the critical patients, a man in his thirties, succumbed to his injuries.

A further six patients sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious.

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They were treated on scene and transported to hospital for further treatment.

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