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Meet Demond George, a truck driver who has fathered 33 children with different mothers

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Demond George, an American truck driver, has gone viral online after he posted on Facebook photos of him posing with 24 of his children that he has fathered with 9 different mothers.

In the photo, George was pictured with his 13 sons and 11 daughters.

He thanked his baby mamas for organizing the gathering.

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George posted over 20 images of the family photo shoot, captioning it, “The LEGEND The LEGACY WILL LIVE FOREVER.” After thanking his children’s mothers for making the shoot possible, he ends the post with “9 missing it still turned out good I’m truly blessed.”

George’s family photo shoot quickly went viral on social media and attracted a lot backlash especially from women.

Many called out the 34-year-old father trucker for male entitlement and that there’d be no way he would be able to give all those children the attention they deserve as they grow up.

One user asked, “‘Legacy’ OF WHAT??? What he was done in life worthy of being kept alive? What has he build for these kids? What are the things he has done that will feed whole generations? NOTHING. This is just male entitlement and lack of responsibility.”

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Soon after, George responded to the backlash of being called “irresponsible and nasty” by going live on Facebook.

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“Pull out game ain’t weak, I just don’t pull out,” the 34-year-old father says in the video.

“You n—– got three or four [kids] and don’t do a motherf– thing. Ain’t s– weak over here. My pockets not weak, and my di– sure ain’t weak.”

Many people questioned George, as a truck driver, how he would find time to be present in his 33 children’s lives.

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Demond George trucker with 33 children

Trucker Demond George with two of his children
Trucker Demond George with two of his children. Photo: Facebook

George has since put his Facebook profile on private after being dragged on all social platforms for being “weird and disgusting.”

Another user compared him to Nick Cannon and thanked him for his contribution to repopulating the planet. “That why Kings had multiple wives… man seed was to spread and as statistics tells it this year alone was the lowest birth rate in a generation so Kudos to him n Nick for repopulating the earth.”

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