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Meet the new VW Meteor inspired by the MAN TGX

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Volkswagen plans to launch a new line of trucks in 2021, the VW Meteor which is based on the MAN TGX. The VW Meteor models will be sold in three configurations: 28-460 6 × 2, 29-460 6 × 4 and 29-520 6 × 4.

Unfortunately, the new VW truck is only available for the South American market meaning we may never taste it down here in South Africa.

At the end of 2008, MAN Latin America acquired Volkswagen’s truck division and continued to use the Volkswagen brand in its line of trucks (Delivery, Worker, and Constellation) and Volkswagen Volksbus.

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In early 2011, it started manufacturing based on existing models in Europe. The first MAN trucks manufactured in Brazil came out in early 2010.

MAN TGX + VW Meteor

vw meteor man tgx

At first glance, you might think that it is a MAN TGX hybrid. When finer details finally emerge, we will be able to tell if the Meteor is indeed an improvement of the MAN TGX or it stands alone as the makers emphasize.

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The truck is the first to combine the characteristics of the MAN with some details of the Volkswagen trucks, such as the VW symbol and the front grill.

The makers say that it is the largest Volkswagen that has ever existed.

Europe and Africa will miss out on this one as it is intended for the Brazilian market and will also be built there.

With this Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus adds a new and larger series to the well-known Constellation.

The Meteor is powered by MAN’s D26 six-cylinder, which has recently also been produced in Brazil. The truck is available with a 460 or 520 hp engine and is linked to ZF’s 12- or 16-speed automated Traxon transmission.

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The interior is the same as we know it from the MAN TGX.

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