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Meet the Scania R900 KIVARA made in South Africa

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Time Link Cargo’s Scania R900 KIVARA is a unique custom made racing truck which was modified for its owner, Kamal Mitoo, by Cape Town based Bayside Truck and Trailer Solutions.

The KIVARA project was made over a period of 24 months under the supervision of Scania South Africa research and development manager, Bengt Fura.

Technician, Nico Starbeck, hand-built the custom drivetrain for the 900hp mean machine.

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A lot was modified to create something really unique and powerful.

Kivara interior

Bayside Truck and Trailer Solutions was contracted to create the stunning coachwork and upgrade the interior to equally superb levels.

The interior is fully leather clad and it features a sound system consisting of twelve speakers, three in each door and six in the back. I like the sound of that!

Take a look at the very low roof, the front of the cab including the headlights. Rear view mirrors were removed and have been replaced by cameras.

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Two shiny exhaust pipes run all the way down over the chassis to the rear of this mighty machine. With it’s black colour, the Scania R900 Kivara looks sporty and agressive.

The engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) was reprogrammed in order to extract a whopping 900hp from this motor.

The complete conversion should have cost some $300 000,00.

Kivara engine

The bespoke engine is a hybrid marine and truck engine producing 900 hp (671 kW). As if that weren’t enough, it runs a dual nitrous-oxide (N20) system, popularly known as nitro.

The model is capable of generating up to 1400 horsepower.

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Fittingly, the rear tyres are all 385-width to ensure there is sufficient grip.

Behind the name

As a man who values relationships as manifested between Time Link Cargo and Scania South Africa, Mitoo came up with the name made from his daughter’s and son’s names.

Time Link Cargo boasts a fleet of only Scania trucks and according to Mitoo he has never purchased another brand other than the Scania ever since the start of the business.

Watch the video of the Scania R900 Kivara beast below.

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