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More fugitive Sam Mshengu Chabalala’s trucks go under the hammer in Pretoria

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Fugitive trucker Sam Mshengu Chabalala has once again come under the spotlight with information coming through that more Sam Holdings trucks are on auction in Pretoria.

According to information on their website, Van’s Auctioneers will be auctioning several trucks, trailers and luxury vehicles that used to belong to Mshengu.

He reportedly sent a suicide note to his wife on 3 March claiming his life was in danger before he disappeared.

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“I nkow my wife you wish to Barry my boady but I hope you will maybe find the remaining of me as I’m going to throw myself here in the crocodiles river or game reserve after Pongola as you go to Lwulwuwe N2 [sic all],” read part of the suicide note as seen by SA Trucker.

Meanwhile, Mshengu’s sympathizers have been pouring in on social media following a video and images of his trucks going on auction.


The young millionaire became the face of a flashy convoy of supercars that travelled to the Durban July last year.

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In a radio interview following the Durban July convoy, Mshengu revealed he got into the trucking business after working at an orange farm in Limpopo at the age of 11 as a general worker whose responsibility was to pick oranges.

He said he worked hard and earned his boss’ trust and was then moved to the trucking division of the company. There he learnt everything there was to know about trucks and the logistics business.

“I learnt everything about trucks and I loved it. I can tell you everything about a truck. He (my boss) gave me an opportunity to be a truck driver and I started delivering maize and other products for him to Zambia and other neighbouring countries. He then promoted me and I started working as a controller who was in charge of truck drivers,” he said.

The knowledge he acquired from working for his boss encouraged him to start his own trucking business. He registered his company, Sam Holdings Trading, in 2014 and used his boss’ trucks to start his business.

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“I got a contract even when I didn’t have a truck at the time. I took my boss’ trucks and registered them. I was getting a commission of R10 at the time. I worked for a long time and raised money to buy my own truck. I could make R300,000 a month with commission and salary at the time.”

He kept working and saving money until it got to R3 million. He used the money to buy three trucks and trailers cash.

“Now I have 52 trucks running on the road with machines and plant hire. That’s how I made my money. I’ve never been involved in anything illegal. I do transport with Eskom, but I’m also venturing into mining now with my own mine. It’s all my mind and planning and the mercy of God,” he said.

A warrant of arrest was issued for him in March after he failed to appear in the Witbank Magistrate’s Court on charges of corruption, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, among others.

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