‘Most heinous murder I’ve seen in my career’ – magistrate on Franziska’s killing

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Cape Town – Magistrate Hafiza Mohamed on Friday said Franziska Blochliger’s murder was the most heinous she had seen in her entire career.

She was speaking during the bail hearing of two of the men accused of the teen’s murder.

She said, despite the brutality of the incident, the State’s case against the two was weak.


Close family friends and loved ones gasped when Mohamed granted Jerome Moses and Daniel Easter bail.

Moses was released on R2 000 bail and Easter on R1 000.

Outside the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court, those who attended proceedings said they were disgusted that the two would “be let back on to the streets”.

“Their bail amount is probably less than they would have got for selling her phone,” one woman said.

“What a sad day for justice. Look at what they are accused of doing. What kind of system allows such scumbags back on to the streets?”

At every court appearance since the suspects’ arrest, a group of Tokai and Westlake residents have diligently attended proceedings, donning pink T-shirts, reading “Justice for Franziska” and “Enough is Enough”.

Moonlighted as a pimp

Franziska’s father Florian attended a previous appearance, saying he wanted to see the men accused of killing his daughter.

Mohamed, in her ruling, said while it was a Schedule Six application and the onus was on the accused to provide exceptional circumstances as to why they should be released, the weakness of the State’s case against Moses and Easter had influenced her decision.

During bail proceedings, prosecutor Renee Uys argued that Moses, whose father is a warden at Pollsmoor Prison, had no fixed address, as he has been chased away from the living area at the Tokai prison due to his involvement in criminal activity.

The State further alleged that Moses moonlighted as a pimp.

Easter, Uys said, was a flight risk as he was a foreigner with no ties to the country.

He had previously paid an admission of guilt fine for an unrelated case with a fake name.

Mohamed ruled that, although Moses had been living with an uncle for only a few weeks before his arrest, he had a fixed address.

Case postponed to June

She decided that Easter was not a flight risk as he had two minor children and a fixed address.

The two other accused, Howard Oliver, whose DNA was found at the scene, and Jonathan Jonas, earlier dropped their bid for bail.

A post mortem found Franziska was strangled and suffocated to death and had also sustained blunt-force trauma.

Sand was found in her throat and she had been rap_ed vaginally and anally.

The 16-year-old girl was found dead in Tokai Forest on March 7. She had arranged to meet her mother after going jogging in the popular recreational area by herself. When Franziska did not arrive at the agreed meeting place, the family began to worry.

She was later found strangled and ra_ped. She had been robbed of her iPhone, watch, headset and diamond ring.

The accused are understood to have been linked to the crime through witnesses and were found in possession of her belongings.

Mohamed said the State had strong circumstantial evidence, including the suspects being in possession of the cellphone.

The case was postponed to June 10.

source; news24

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