Simlindile Lindelwa Masina missingPolice in Mpumalanga are searching for a teenage girl who went missing after allegedly making a distress that the truck she took a lift from was refusing to stop.

18-year-old Simlindile Lindelwa Masina went missing on the 9th of March 2020 after leaving her Haartebeesfontein Farm home in Breyton for Ermelo for job hunting.

Masina reportedly took a lift from a truck and she has never been seen since then.

Her last communication was a distress call to her cousin that the truck driver was refusing to stop but she did not say where exactly she was.

She was last seen wearing a jacket, a khaki t-shirt, a pair of black jeans with All Star white takkies.

Anyone with more information please contact Missing Children SA on 072 647 7464 or Breyten SAPS on 017 861 3025 or the investigating officer W/O Yende on 082 494 4361.

Simlindile Lindelwa Masina missing
Missing Simlindile Lindelwa Masina (18)
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