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N3 Durban bus surfing video goes viral online

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Bus surfing on a busy freeway is unthinkable or at least we thought it was, not in Durban. On Sunday, a group of young man aboard a Metro Group bus on the N3 freeway were caught bus surfing, at some point even trying to jump from the bus to a car moving next to the bus.

While the daredevils could not be directly linked to the Durban July which took place on Saturday, they showed they were in the mood to party even on a moving bus.

The video starts while the bus is joining the N3 from Sherwood towards the Spaghetti junction.

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In the video, three people can be seen partying on the roof of a white bus.

Several others hang out of the windows and also attempt to join the ones on the roof.

In a black car moving abreast with the bus, the passengers are also sitting on the windows enjoying the same mood with the bus surfers.

One person can be seen trying to connect from the bus into the car. With his hands still the bus he gets his feet onto the car but soon decides to withdraw back into the bus.

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Meanwhile, behind them traffic queues up frustrating motorists who cannot pass the bus and car as they are bloking both lanes and moving slowly.

N3 Durban bus surfing video goes viral online
Bus surfers on the roof of a Metro Group bus on N3 in Durban. Photo: Screengrab

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The video ends as the bus joins the N3 freeway.

The video has gone viral on social media with users expressing their dismay at the danger these people exposed themselves to.

Users have called traffic authorities to act upon the lawlessness with some even suggesting the driver should be charged.

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“Why would death leave these ones and come fetch those behaving themselves at home though,
This is when you see that the formula of life is imbalance sometimes,” one user said.

Another one had this to say, “They use to do this on trains (it’s called surfing) since the trains are no more, naturally the next best thing is the buses.”

“Why drive slow, put it on 120km per hour and we see how they fare,” says another one who gets a quick response that says the mob would kill the driver showing the degree of lawlessness one can expect from such hooliganism.

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