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National Shutdown on 2 December: Hoax or Not, Why You Should Stay Alert

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A national shutdown in protest against the recent fuel price hike and mandatory vaccinations is mooted for tomorrow 2 December 2021.

However, it is not possible to confirm or deny that it will happen because the organisers are not known.

Posters have been widely shared on social media platforms announcing a “National Shutdown” on 2 December, while other memos call for a “shutdown march” in KwaZulu-Natal on 3 December.

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As per the fervent postings on Twitter, the supposed shutdown will affect “all cities, highways, main roads, roads leading to airports and train stations, etc”.

The anonymous organisers have called on taxi and truck owners, business owners and “small vehicle owners from all over the country to take part by taking their vehicles on the roads”.

National shutdown 2 December

National shutdown 2 December and 3 December
Poster calling out for a National shutdown on 2 December. Source: Twitter

SA Trucker urges the trucking community to exercise caution as they conduct their business on the day.

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This can never be overemphasized as trucks are always targeted during protests.

The two reasons for the calls for a national shutdown on December the 2nd are genuine concerns for every South African;

  • Record-Breaking 1 December Fuel Price Hikes
  • The Mooted Mandatory Vaccination

That calls for the public to be wary of what happens tomorrow because already, many people feel that these issues have to be addressed one way or the other.

Following the #NationalShutdown on Twitter, there is hardly anyone against it. That may not be a conclusive reason to say that the shutdown will happen.

One can only hope that the lack of leadership in the organizers becomes the reason why it will fail.

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The economy is recovering from the hard lockdowns which brought the economy to a halt. Any disturbances now will have devastating consequences for struggling businesses.

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