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When you’re attending a wedding and have given the bridal couple the best gift you could possibly give – especially if it’s of the financial kind – the last thing you expect is to receive an e-mail with a request for more.

I mean, surely people aren’t that ungracious and rude, right?

Also, last time we checked, that’s not how the art of gift-giving works! Someone clearly needs to give this UK couple a lesson in good manners, etiquette and graciousness because the e-mail they’ve recently sent to a guest at their wedding, will make your jaw drop at the sheer audacity of their request.


According to Refinery29, an internet forum user recently posted a copy of an e-mail that was sent to her from the bride. In the e-mail, the bride thanked everyone for their generosity and attending their wedding.

Fairly innocuous, right?

Except that this bride went on to complain about the gift – which, by the way, was a check for £100 ( approximately R2,236) – and asked the user to send an monetary adjustment, seeing that the reader in question had just come into an inheritance (this wasn’t stated outright, but was implied so blatantly that the meaning behind it was perfectly understood).

We kid you not.

The full post, originally posted on,  goes on to explain that the bride in question is not even a close friend, but actually just an ex-colleague, which makes this request even worse.

When asked as to how she should respond, readers all over the internet had varying degrees of responses, ranging from the hilarious, to the biting.

One reader on Huffington Post  had a top notch response:

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While another reader had a more savage (hilarious, but savage) suggestion:

bride, weddng planning, facebook comments, faceboo

In the end, the reader eventually didn’t choose any of the suggestions, but went with her own – and that was simply to respond by asking if the e-mail was a mistake.

Here are our top 4 top tips on how to respond when you receive a gift (or when you don’t).

1. Always thank the guest.  People who are giving you gifts, are doing so because they love and care about you, and as such, are investing money and time in the gift-giving. Acknowledge that.

2. Be grateful for the gift, regardless of the size. Times are tough and not everyone can afford to give you that R1 000 cash deposit or House & Home voucher. Any person who gives you a gift, regardless of the value, is giving up a little bit of his or her income to give you the best present they can afford.

3. If someone can’t give you a gift immediately, be gracious. See reason number two. And if, in the event that they forget about it, don’t be that person who reminds them. You invite them because you wanted their presence, not their presents.

4. Don’t like the gift? Thank the person anyway. And keep quiet about how you really feel about the present. Remember, tastes differ.

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