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Pics: Truck overturns killing bystander, a fruit seller on N1 in Paarl

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A fruit seller was killed and another woman injured when they were allegedly hit by a truck as it overturned on the N1 highway in Paarl on Saturday afternoon.

According to Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) the truck rolled on its side inbound the N1 towards the Paarl Tunnel.

Upon arrival, DFW Emergency First Aid Responders officers found one woman was injured while the truck driver was unharmed.

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There were other people loitering on the scene who paramedics later learnt that they were passengers in the truck.

Tragically, another person, a young man was hit by the truck 500 metres before it came to rest on its side.

Ambulances were called in to help the man.

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DFW reported that the man succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital.

The DFW members called for an ambulance and Immediate ambulance services

The area was covered with white paint spilled from the truck.

fruit seller paarl

truck overturns paarl n1

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fruit seller paarl

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