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PMB RTI Officer Seriously Injured After Being Squashed Between Two Trucks on N3

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Last night, a KwaZulu-Natal Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) officer was seriously injured in a collision involving his vehicle and two trucks on the N3 at the Market Road ramp.

KwaZulu Private Ambulance Service responded to reports of the serious collision. Upon arrival, emergency services found a heart-wrenching scene: the traffic officer was severely entrapped in his vehicle.

According to reports, the RTI officer was providing early warnings for a truck that had broken down in the slow lane when a second truck failed to stop, crushing the RTI vehicle between the two trucks.

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Traffic officer injured in collision on n3

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Paramedics quickly assessed the scene and found that the RTI officer had sustained serious injuries and was trapped in the wreckage. Working alongside Pietermaritzburg Fire and Rescue services, paramedics stabilized and extricated the injured officer.

He was then transported to the hospital for further treatment.

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SA Trucker urges motorists to slow down, increase following distance, and drive respectfully when approaching scenes where emergency vehicles have emergency warning lights flashing. Your caution can save lives.

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