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Polo Speedometer Found Stuck at 120km/h after Colliding into Truck on N11

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A Mpumalanga man narrowly escaped death over the weekend after colliding with the rear of a truck at a staggering 120km/h.

The crash, which transpired on the N11 between Hendrina and Ermelo, unfolded just before 9 pm on Saturday night, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The impact of the collision was so forceful that it caused the right rear wheel of the truck’s trailer to burst and detach from its rim, inflicting substantial damage to the trailer.

Wheel damaged in the crash
Wheel damaged in the crash

Video footage captured at the scene unveiled a disturbing detail – a bottle of alcohol found adjacent to the wreckage, hinting at the possibility of the driver operating the vehicle under the influence.

Miraculously, the individual involved in the collision emerged from the wreckage with their life intact.

damages to the trailer

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